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Sponsored by Rotosound
Ian and Rotosound
Ian Bramble uses Rotosound strings, leads and picks.

Bramble & The Banned and
The Popes are sponsored by Vonhatski Amplifiers
Ace Motorcycycles 
Marc at Ace supplied me with a beautiful 1980 Kawasaki KZ 750 LTD. I had to part ex a guitar signed by The Popes
Fantastic guys in beautiful Bude
In Banbury S & M Motorcycles do the repairs that I cant.
Michael G Preston
British author

His books "Cull" and "Shifters" are superb, well written and thought provoking. He reminds of Clive Barker but more dangerous.  

I was doing a gig up near Barrow and wanted 1 string, a heavy unwound 3rd. R&T had that string and wouldn't let me pay for it. Thank you.